If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be under FBI investigation, I can tell you very pleasantly. At least when it comes to the blogging FBI investigation. For two months, bloggers put on gloves and research the blog selected for investigation. The FBI in our case means Food Blog Inspection, and thanks to Irena’s application, my blog was selected for investigation in November and December.
FBI Gloves is a game I’m happy to participate in and I’ve often read comments from bloggers under investigation that they have a slight trepidation and even fear of that investigation. From the beginning, there was joy in me, and as time went on, I became more and more curious and I could hardly wait for the first announcements. I must admit that I was surprised and touched by the introductory texts. I never really think about what others think of me and then when I found myself in a situation to read how other bloggers experienced me, every word filled my heart! Girls, thank you for your participation and wonderful words!
I decided to gather all the works in one place as a souvenir of this wonderful gathering. If I accidentally left someone out or missed the post, you can contact me by e-mail and I will correct the omission. The name of the blog is also a link to the post in which the results of the investigation were published, and the name of the recipe is a link to the tried and tested recipes from my blog.

Around the world – in favorite recipes
Cream soup with asparagus
Bread with garlic and parmesan
Cupcakes with orange and white chocolate
Quick and easy
Energy bars
Cook and play
Cheesecake brownies
Atomic pie
Salty cake
COOKam and I enjoy
Poppy seeds
Puff pastry rolls with vanilla cream
Cooks and bakes
Strudels with cherry jam
Quick and fine rolls
Energy bars
Home-made by B

Nutmeg soup

Nutmeg galette

Leaf braid with potatoes and leeks

Salty roses

Apple pie baked in jars

Pralines stuffed with chestnut cream

From Pomoravka’s kitchen
Carrot soup
Quick and fine rolls

Kuglof with apples and cinnamon

Cracked biscuits

Vanilla croissants

The kitchen of a busy woman

Grease cakes

A ladle on the cauldron
Pralines stuffed with chestnut cream
Bread with garlic and parmesan
Romanesco tart
Piglets for good luck
Creative cuisine
Vanilla croissants, Poppy seed stuffed biscuits, Poppy seed / walnut rolls, Strudels with cherry jam
My pots
Crispy flakes with walnuts
Holiday flowers
Mimi’s Kingdom
Leaf braid with potatoes and leeks
Nabujak with carrots and broccoli
Fake chestnut roulade
Moto cookies
My sweet kitchen
Carrot soup
Crackers with parmesan and rosemary
Leaf braid with potatoes and leeks
On a plate
Nutmeg galette
Roll dough pie with bacon and onion
Too short a day
Kuglof with apples and cinnamon
Tart with poppy seeds
Moto cookies
Vanilla croissants
Sweet and salty by Irena
Salty roses
Lava cake
Muffins with raspberries and poppy seeds
Cream with blackberries and mascarpone
Cracked biscuits

Mousse cake without baking

Nutella cake

Cake with chocolate and apples

Cake with bananas and apple

Strudels with cherry jam
In the end, I decided to give one person a small gift. There are a total of 14 bloggers in the post, and random.org opted for number 12 – the blog Too Short a Day.
I ask Ingrid to email me her address so I can send her a little surprise.

PS Apologies to all the bloggers whose works I forgot to include in this post when I first wrote. The idea for this post came spontaneously, so it was to be expected that I would forget someone. Thanks also to Maja for letting me know whose works I still miss.

Ingrid will get her surprise, and now that I have the complete works, I will again let random.org choose one person out of a total of 19 bloggers.

She decided on number 2, ie the Cook and play blog, and I ask her to send me her address by e-mail so that I can send her a little surprise.

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