Something new, something old. This is how my holiday cake tray looks like every year. Usually I make cookies and dry cakes for Christmas, and I make cream cakes for New Year’s Eve. To make your decision on choosing holiday cakes as easy as possible, I decided to gather my favorite recipes in one place, divided into three categories: cookies, cream cakes and typical holiday cakes.

Moto cookies

Decorative, delicious, blended with Nutella (or in my case Lidl’s Choco nuss), reason enough to make them again every year.

Cracked biscuits with hazelnuts

With hazelnuts or classic chocolate are unavoidable on the holiday table. In addition to being extremely decorative, they are very tasty, as created for chocolate lovers.

Holiday flowers
Crispy biscuits combined with your favorite jam are reminiscent of childhood.

Honey biscuits
In addition to being ideal for printing, they can be stored in a tin box for up to four weeks.

Cracked biscuits with lemon

Popular chocolate crackers have been given citrus company. I discovered them this year and was thrilled. In addition to lemon, it is possible to make them cracked with lime, orange or tangerine.

Juicy crispy biscuits that melt in your mouth, it’s just important not to overcook them.

Fragrant, rich in raisins, candied rind and almonds. Making it is simple, and at the same time two pieces can be made and baked.

Walnut and poppy seeds
I was lucky enough to get a recipe for the juiciest nutmeg and whoever tried this recipe stayed true to it. For poppy lovers, there is also a recipe for poppy seeds.

Made according to my mother’s recipe, juicy and everyone loves them.

A simple recipe that does not take much time, and the end result is perfect. At least one poppy seed cake for the holidays!

Puff pastry, vanilla cream and the secret ingredient rum, leave no one indifferent.

Decorative sweet sandwiches, can be made with different fillings, I liked the combination of chocolate biscuit and cream with white chocolate.

Easy to make, and the taste is fantastic – a combination of chocolate biscuit, blueberry jam and whipped sweet cream. The cake is light and airy.

I like to make them in a mini (bite size) version, about 50 pieces, instead of as it says in recipe 20.

Purchase crusts shorten the preparation process, so this cake is easy to make, you just need to make the cream.

I hope you liked my suggestions and that you will try some of the recipes already this holiday season.


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