Ever since it started to snow, I’ve been wishing for a winter climb. There were a few excursions that were supposed to be a winter climb, but there was only a trace of snow. Recently, the announcement for the winter ascent to Bjelolasica arrived. There was no end to my joy – there will really be snow, a lot of snow. I immediately signed up for the trip and looked forward to it. Finally that day arrived and already in the morning I could hardly wait to step on the snow.

Climb to Bjelolasica

You know what I meant? I imagined a wonderful somewhat romantic walk in the snow, lots of good motives for photography and enjoyment. Ooooo, how only the mountain taught me a lesson and landed me right at the start. The walk in the snow was not at all romantic. You had to be very concentrated where you were standing, because the snow was soft in parts and we were falling apart. Walking on such snow requires that the legs rise more than with normal walking, which is quite tiring. After half an hour of walking, it started to snow, which followed us almost the whole way. I put the camera in my backpack and don’t take it out until the end, and as I look a lot at where I’m walking, I don’t notice anything around me.

We walked a total of seven hours, of which it took us four hours to reach the top and three to descend. After two and a half hours we reached the part where the trail climbs steeply to the top. Some give up and decide to return. I ask how many walks to the top – an hour and a half! I’m thinking about joining the part that’s coming back, but I’m staying with the ones that go to the top. It gets steep and hard. Well even steeper and even harder. Every now and then someone falls on a slope – or falls into the snow or slips. I wonder what I needed it for, I was able to head back nicely and warmly wait for the rest of the group to return. But I still walk forward, as if enchanted. My legs hurt, I’m bloated and I’d like to roll down. At one point all the torment stops and my thinking changes. I will succeed, I will reach the top, I am happy that I did not give up. The top was in fog so we were deprived of a beautiful view, but we got a big reward for the climb – “sledding” on our ass. The descent down the slope was harder than the ascent and when the first person fell and started racing like on a sled, most of us sat on the snow and rushed down the slope with pleasure.

Winter idyll

I learned a lot on this trip. That it is difficult to walk on snow, that the mountain and weather conditions should never be overestimated and most importantly – that you should not give up when it becomes difficult. I learned that the mountain is beautiful in both summer and winter and it seems to me that hiking has crept under my skin.

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