i just realized i don’t make tarts or cookies as often as i would like mainly due to the weather. the dough gets soft and sticky really easily and i simply don’t like going through the hassle of re-freezing & re-rolling the dough, but i decided i want some variety in the stuff i bake so i forsee i’ll be making stuff like cookies, tarts & bread more often from now on.

Tarte Passion Framboise

this passionfruit raspberry tart is taken from the ladurée book and also one that i’ve set my eyes on for quite sometime. i also seen a couple of blogs with this and the reviews were pretty good so i decided to try. i trust the ladurée book anyway coz i tried the strawberry orange flower marshmallows & pistachio financiers and they were fantastic, this had to be good as well.

Tarte Passion Framboise

indeed, it was fantastic! the passionfruit curd was one of the yummiest citrus curds i made (credit goes to LOTS of butter) and the tart shell was also the crispiest i’ve ever made as well. it remained crisp even upon refrigeration! the only thing i didn’t like is the raspberries – tons of them which did nothing to the tart except to make it look pretty. i can safely say that a meringue topping would be a better option, so i’m sticking to the shell & filling in future but with a meringue topping.

recipe source : ladurée sucré

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.


Loves french pastries, japanese sweets and the finer things in life.

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