rouge means red in french and its just in time for some sprucing up on my blog. somehow i’ve been doing lotsa brown/yellow bakes lately (unintentionally actually) and i kinda miss working with berries and roses. did my usual rounds of checking out new entremets on my favorite website cakechef and came across this vibrant looking entremet.

Rouge ルージュ

components consisted of chocolate biscuit joconde, pistachio cream insert, chocolate mousse and raspberry mirror glaze. there was supposed to be one more component, the chocolate royaltine base but i left it out coz i ran out of feuilletine flakes and felt the whole thing was already sweet enough. this was super delish!! i went OMG at every mouthful and i had two of them in one sitting. the pistachio cream and chocolate mousse was rich and creamy and the chocolate joconde was so flavorful! it was even better than hidemi sugino’s joconde and i’m so gonna stick to this recipe in future for any recipe that calls for chocolate joconde. the raspberry mirror glaze was alright but i felt that it was there just for the color, nothing else. it would be better with a chocolate lacquer glaze actually though it would then be pretty similar to sugino’s ambroisie.

Rouge ルージュ

recipe is pretty straightforward though you’ll need to note that it uses two kinds of pistachio paste – fresh and roasted. sevarome carries both – the fresh one is green and the roasted one is brown. i used the green one only and it turned out perfect nevertheless. if you need a homemade pistachio paste recipe, i also posted one before here. recipe also uses trimoline, a kind of invert sugar syrup but i substituted with glucose. basically trimoline prevents crystallization and keeps desserts moist and pliable. while not as good as trimoline, glucose, corn syrup or honey will still do the trick.


Loves french pastries, japanese sweets and the finer things in life.

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