Recipe for Making Easy Dessert Boxes – For those of you who are desset box lovers, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy this dessert, you can apply the tips in this article to make a dessert box. – I think when talking about culinary, it will never run out to discuss it. In fact, every time there are creations of delicious menus, be it drinks, snacks or heavy meals. Yes, one of them is a sweet snack called the contemporary dessert box. Because of the popularity of this delicious snack, it is also widely sold online on social media.

Served in a chilled plastic box, it’s no wonder that the dessert box is a favorite dish for many people. Usually the appearance of this dessert box consists of several layers of dough. Interestingly, this food also doesn’t need to be baked or steamed. Dessert boxes generally have many flavors, such as chocolate, tiramisu, Milo, cheese and many more.

This food is so easy to serve. Well, you can also try making your own dessert box at home. Because, if you buy it at a cake shop or online shop the price is quite expensive. How? Want to try making it yourself at home?

Material A:
– 10 Oreos / Marie’s Biscuits crushed
– 5 tablespoons of melted margarine

Material B:
– 400 ml of white liquid milk
– 50-75 grams of grated cheese
– 1 tablespoon cornstarch
– 2 tbsp sugar

Material C:
– 150 gr Dark Chocolate Cooking (DCC)
– 400 ml of liquid milk
– 1 tablespoon cornstarch
– 2 tbsp sugar
– 1 tablespoon margarine

How to make:
1. Mix all ingredients A, arrange in a container / cup, press with a spoon to make it solid.
2. Then cook all ingredients B until bubbling, pour over ingredient A, let cool.
3. Then cook all C ingredients, except margarine, stir until they pop, finally add margarine.
4. Pour over ingredients B. Enter the refrigerator, wait cool. Delicious served while cold.

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