Anyone who ever wanted to make Rainbow Shaved Ice?!

I found a package of cute rainbow syrups for only 200yen (2bucks). And I bought droppers at DAISO (100yen shop). It was like a fun color experiment for kids 🌈😂

The late summer heat is severe in Tokyo so we still crave for shaved ice. How is the weather over there?

DOSHISHA Simple Electric Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Maker (ドウシシャ かんたん電動氷かき器):

Coke Shaved Ice with Pop Rocks

Shaved Ice with Green Tea Syrup (Ujikintoki /Matcha Kakigori)


Rainbow Shaved Ice (Kakigōri)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5 min
Number of servings: n/a

ice cubes
Kyoritsu rainbow syrups

Make the shaved ice. Using droppers, drizzle with some rainbow syrups.


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