if you’ve noticed, i made mont blanc using both chestnut and purple sweet potato before but this is by far my utmost favorite coz of its creaminess and delicate taste. all along i’ve wanted to make the pumpkin version but i was afraid my homemade pumpkin puree would be too watery for piping. i then chanced upon a method of roasting the pumpkin instead of the usual steaming (why didn’t i think of that earlier!) so i wasted no time in making my favorite version of the mont blanc. this is the 2nd time i’m using a recipe from cakechef’s website and armed with google translate and a little guessing game i managed to pull this one off!

Pumpkin Mont Blanc

the unique thing about this recipe is that it requires cooking the pumpkin puree with butter, whipping cream, sugar etc then folding in creme patissiere. extra work here but it was definitely worth it coz it was SO GOOD! the base is a matcha roll cake with kuromame (japanese black beans) and the cake is also one of the better ones i’ve had. its a genoise sponge therefore compared to a biscuit sponge (where eggs are beaten separately) its really moist and soft. the combination of pumpkin and matcha is just really ingenious, they went so well together!

i skipped the pate sucree part coz i was lazy to make and chill dough so it was just the pumpkin and roll cake but with the addition of kuromame i felt it had enough texture. for the decor i took the idea from a local japanese bakery whose pumpkin mont blanc with apricot is really yummy. its the only place i could get my fix but now i can make my own so its great 😀


Loves french pastries, japanese sweets and the finer things in life.

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