realized i had not been posting pics of my macarons for quite sometime! biz is still as brisk as ever but i did try to squeeze in sometime to experiment with one or two new flavors. also happy to have new packaging(s) finally! above pic shows a white drawer box and i love its simplicity so i can feel free to play around with ribbons and stickers.


this box however seems rather narrow so i can only place my macarons diagonally. i find my macarons got bigger throughout the years, might have been influenced by pierre herme!


macarons with tea

Rose Macarons

rose macarons have always been my bestseller but recently i took the risk and switched all my italian buttercream fillings to flavored white choc ganache. i find that i’m able to flavor them more intensely compared to when i was using buttercream. it tastes better too. got good feedbacks as well so i’ll be using flavored white choc ganache from now on. no more additional egg whites to use and having oily beaters to wash. and no more having to cook sugar syrup too so its three major yays for me!

Hojicha Macarons

hojicha macarons, a new flavor i experimented recently. hojicha is japanese green tea that is roasted instead of steamed. i don’t do tea flavored macarons much (apart from matcha) but i think i should since i’ve had so many requests from customers so i should consider.

Hojicha Macarons

despite being roasted, hojicha’s flavor is very mild. it almost doesn’t taste like anything much except for a very slight caramel undertone. i managed to get white(r) looking macarons this time too after adjusting baking time and covering the tray halfway so, not much browning.


packaging #2 is a roomy gold box that holds 10 macarons.


all packed and ready to go!


Loves french pastries, japanese sweets and the finer things in life.

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