i hope you’re not tired of seeing yet another entremet on my blog! it was my friend’s birthday last weekend so i made her a cake. i chose a simple one from one of my japanese pastry books and this is basically a white chocolate vanilla entremet with strawberry syrup-soaked almond biscuit sponge and macerated strawberries in spices.

Fraise Exotique

i thought this is like one of the prettiest cakes i’ve ever made! the height is perfect and i really like the pink specks on the glaze (made with adding strawberry puree into it). original recipe has got a torched meringue topping but i felt it would be too sweet hence i omitted. overall taste was not bad. the white choc mousse was exceptionally smooth, velvety and creamy but i didn’t quite fancy that it had a pudding-like texture and i felt like i was eating custard instead of mousse. i guess its due to the proportion of white choc vs. whipping cream. anyway i haven’t made much entremets using white choc before but i did recall i rather liked the toshi yoroizuka’s lumiere and the ivoire from le cordon bleu’s book. then again, the birthday girl really liked it so i guess thats all it matters.

recipe source : 创意新香精致法国甜点 by 山本光二 (patisserie les planetes by koji yamamoto)

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.


Loves french pastries, japanese sweets and the finer things in life.

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