you know how much i love junko’s roll cake and among so many roll cake recipes i’ve tried, hers is still the best in terms of taste, texture and flexibility in rolling. like a good basic macaron batter, all you need is just one to experiment with other endless flavor possibilities. i’m not usually a fan of instant coffee from grocery stores since most are too acidic for my liking but i went to isetan last weekend and chanced upon this UCC one from japan which is really really good. its not acidic at all and is pretty strong and full-bodied so i decided to add it into my favorite recipe to make a coffee roll cake. also jazzed it up a little by adding cocoa powder to part of the batter to make the dots. turned out fab!

i soaked the sponge with a vanilla rum coffee syrup and filled it with a condensed milk creme chantilly. i thought it was perfect, especially with a cup of latte macchiato. this is the first time i’m making latte macchiato and i used to be really fascinated by how the coffee was suspended in the middle. i now know its pretty easy to make after seeing this recipe on nespresso’s website. basically you just pour steamed milk into a glass then pour the espresso right down the middle of the milk very slowly. even though its easy, it still fascinates me!


Loves french pastries, japanese sweets and the finer things in life.

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