5 Ingredients! Ume Shiso Chicken Gyoza Dumplings (梅しそ鶏餃子 Healthy Jiaozi) | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

Only 5 ingredients 👍 Saltiness of Umeboshi (pickled plums) and flavor of Aojiso (Japanese perilla leaves) are simple, refreshing, yet delicious 😋 Use ground chicken to make it healthy but any meat will do!!!

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5 Ingredients! Ume Shiso Chicken Gyoza Dumplings (梅しそ鶏餃子 Healthy Jiaozi Recipe)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30min
Number of servings: 25 pieces using 3inch Gyoza wrappers

200g (7oz.) ground chicken *thigh/breast any portion is ok
100g (3.5oz.) minced onion
4 1-inch Umeboshi (pickled plums)
13 Shiso leaves (perilla leaves)
25 (3inch) Gyoza wrappers

1. Wash Shiso leaves and drain well. Cut in half.
2. Remove seeds from Umeboshi and chop.
3. Mix ground chicken, minced onion, and chopped Umeboshi. Divide it into 25 portions.
4. Place Shiso leaf on a Gyoza wrapper. Place the filling on the Shiso leaf then roll. Put water along the edge of the wrapper by fingers, fold into semi circle, gather the front side of the wrapper and seal.
5. Heat cooking oil if you are NOT using a non-stick pan. Cook on high heat until the bottoms become brown.
6. Turn the heat down to medium, add 50ml water (or about 1/3 of their hight), cover and steam the gyoza on med-high heat until cooked. Uncover and cook on high heat until the water is gone and crisp.
7. Serve with ponzu sauce or dressing if you like.

I used my favorite Matsuno Ponzu Sauce to eat. Any dipping sauce is optional.


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