Here are some tips I’ve learned on my real food and natural products journey that I hope you find useful.

1. Visit Mark’s Daily Apple for a great list of primal foods.

2. Meal planning and prepping can save time at home and a grocery app (I use GroceryIQ) can save time in the store.

3. Whenever possible, try to buy food that is:

-Grass fed/finished
-Wild caught

4. ALWAYS read ingredient lists. Just because you buy it at a health food store does NOT make it healthy. Here is my list of Ingredients to Avoid in Foods & Drinks and why I avoid them. Check out my Ingredients to Avoid in Body & Hair Care Products and Household Products to see what other ingredients I try to avoid and why. I also recommend using caution with essential oils or products with essential oils in them. Here are my tips for Using Essential Oils Safely.

5. Keep a wide variety of fresh & dried herbs and spices on hand and season liberally.

6. Cook bacon in large batches and keep in the freezer, and hard boil eggs and keep in the fridge. Bacon can be added to almost any dish and eggs make a perfect snack.

7. Ingredient Tips

Avocado oil is my go to cooking oil because I don’t like the taste of virgin coconut oil. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is the best oil I’ve found for homemade mayonnaise. I use expeller-pressed refined coconut oil in my cooking/baking, toothpaste and when oil pulling and virgin coconut oil in my homemade personal care and beauty products. I do not use coconut oil on my face because it is moderately comedogenic, and it was causing me to break out. Now I use my homemade Facial Oil.

-I prefer the lighter flavor of clarified butter v. ghee, so I clarify butter myself.

-If you see a recipe that calls for coating something in coconut flour or almond flour (or a combination of the two) then baking it, it will turn out soggy. If you want it crispy, fry it in some lard!

-Almond butter does not taste anything like peanut butter. If you want the taste of peanut butter, try mixing 3 parts raw cashew butter and 1 part Sunbutter.

-Nuts and seeds are healthier and taste better when they’re soaked first.

-Here’s my favorite full-fat coconut milk, which comes in a BPA free can. Here is the same brand without guar gum.

-When I use Himalayan pink salt I use 1/2 the amount called for.

-I prefer to use vanilla powder over vanilla extract.

-You can replace wheat flour with cassava flour, but not always 1:1 and cassava flour has a very distinct flavor.

-You can replace white/brown sugar with coconut sugar 1:1. Honey and maple syrup are great natural sweeteners but cannot always be substituted 1:1.

-You can replace soy sauce with coconut aminos, which is tastes slightly sweet, and you should add additional salt.

8. In addition to eating real food, don’t forget to move and play, outside in the sun when possible, and get plenty of sleep!

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